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En Ningún Sitio // Nowhere

Résumé du documentaire

In 1968 Julio Villar began a four years trip on board a small sailboat. He recorded his experiences in a journal that he turned into a book called “¡Eh petrel! Cuaderno de un navegante solitario”. Inspired by this diary, surfer Kepa Acero set out on a journey in search of a lonely wave. During his path, he leaves behind his fear of the unknown and social constraints to fit in with the wild environment and the remote island inhabitants. “Nowhere” illustrates the traveler’s soul through Julio Villar’s words and Kepa Acero’s experiences.

Sport : Surf
Genre : Portrait
Langue : Espagnol
Sous-titres disponibles : Anglais
Plateforme : Vimeo
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Durée : 12 minutes

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